8 Tips to Reduce Finger Prick Pain

Managing diabetes could be a discomfort – literally. And also the more bloodstream sugar testing you need to do, the greater of the discomfort it’s, confirms Sacha Uelmen, RDN, CDE, director of diet for that American Diabetes Association. Still, monitoring bloodstream sugar levels is really a critical element of good diabetes management – research involving greater than 5,000 individuals with diabetes has proven that individuals who test bloodstream sugar regularly have better bloodstream sugar control than individuals who depend exclusively on diabetes medication. Fortunately, there are a variety of the way to reduce the discomfort that comes with that testing. Therefore if finger pricks cause you to feel just like a voodoo toy, listed here are eight ways of try:

1. Test along the side of Your Finger

When you are performing diabetes bloodstream sugar testing, resist aiming straight for those that property around the tip of the finger – that’s certainly painful. “When testing in your finger, only use the edges of the finger, where there’s better bloodstream flow, and never the information from the finger,” states Hector Verastigui, RN, CDE, clinical research coordinator in the Texas Diabetes Institute in Dallas. “Testing around the pad from the finger is much more painful.”

2. Warm Your Hands

Testing whenever your hands are cold could be more painful than when they are warmer. To warm up your fingers, just take a seat on them briefly, rub them together, or provide them with a great scrub using warm soapy water. “This can get the bloodstream flow going,” states Verastigui. When getting that-important drop of bloodstream is less painful, managing diabetes is simpler.

3. Adjust the Lancet Depth

If bloodstream sugar tests are always painful for you personally, it’s entirely possible that your lancet is placed hitting way too hard or too deep. A part of managing diabetes includes modifying the depth and pressure from the lancet correctly. If you are getting trouble working out how to get this done, or figuring out which depth can get you minimal painful bloodstream testing experience most abundant in accurate bloodstream sugar monitoring result, make use of a diabetes educator or even the nurse inside your doctor’s office. If you are particularly sensitive, utilizing a pediatric lancet could cause a less painful diabetes bloodstream sugar test.

4. Skip the Alcohol Wipe

If you are within the practice of utilizing an alcohol wipe or perhaps an alcohol-based sanitizer to wash your finger before lancing, try washing with only water and soap rather. “We don’t recommend wiping your skin with alcohol because alcohol is definitely an astringent, which tightens your skin and makes acquiring a bloodstream sample harder,” states Verastigui. Which makes diabetes bloodstream sugar testing more painful.

5. Switch Fingers Regularly

When you are managing diabetes, it’s very easy to go into a routine of utilizing the same finger – and also the same place with that finger – for bloodstream sugar testing. This can lead to calluses and scarring, even though you find there’s slightly less discomfort in the thicker skin. Rather, develop the recommendation to check around the sides of fingers using a different finger each time. Testing in your thumb is definitely an option too, although Verastigui highlights that because the thumb can be used so frequently in day-to-day activities, the discomfort from testing there may keep going longer. Whether you will want to provide your thumb a go is definitely an individual choice.

6. Make use of a Fresh Lancet

Each lancet begins nice sharp. However if you simply make use of the same one frequently for the diabetes bloodstream sugar testing, as many folks attempt to do, it may become dull. This doesn’t bother everybody, but it may be adding for your finger-pricking discomfort. Try altering the lancet with each and every bloodstream sugar testing to determine whether that reduces this diabetes discomfort.

7. Obtain the best Monitor for you personally

Different bloodstream glucose monitor systems require different depths, and a few allow you to do bloodstream sugar testing in various locations in your body. Think about making a switch in case your current one is simply too uncomfortable for normal diabetes management. Also make certain you are aware how to apply your system correctly. Verastigui suggests staying with brands and staying away from too-good-to-be-true sales pitches.

8. Experiment

Finding your bloodstream sugar testing “sweet spots” might take some learning from mistakes. Which are more effective control over your diabetes, you might like to investigate alternate site testing. What this means is testing your diabetes bloodstream sugar levels on other areas of the body at occasions whenever you aren’t concerned about the potential of low bloodstream sugar. Make use of a diabetes educator to understand if the palm of the hands, a leg, a leg, or any other part of the body will be a wise decision, to provide your fingers an escape. Your palm could be a particularly good option, states Uelmen.

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