Contraception Speak: What Is Perfect Use of Birth Control?

Do you use it? That’s the most crucial question with regards to contraception. Contraception’s primary role would be to prevent pregnancy, right? Knowing just how effectively a specific kind of contraception can perform that is among the primary factors when you are selecting the technique that’s good for you – together with convenience, cost, and simplicity of use.

Contraception: Perfect Use versus. Typical Use

Another real question is: How difficult could it be to utilize a particular method properly?

The potency of various birth control is measured according to perfect use – meaning the technique can be used consistently and properly each and every time – and typical use, including individuals who make use of the method inconsistently and incorrectly, based on the sexual and reproductive health research group the Guttmacher Institute.

Contraceptive failure minute rates are understood to be the proportion of ladies who’ll conceive inside the newbie they start to make use of a certain kind of contraception.

Contraception: Exactly What Does Perfect Use Seem Like?

Within the situation from the male condom, for instance, perfect use means the condom is defined around the penis if this becomes erect, not afterwards when pre-ejaculate (which might contain sperm) seems, based on Planned Being a parent. The condom must completely cover your penis, also it can’t be torn or broken prior to it being placed on or even though it is being used. It must also be removed correctly, from the vagina, so no collected sperm can accidentally spill or leak in to the vagina.

Concentrate on Typical Use When Selecting Contraception

Returning to a mans condom, typical use might involve putting the condom on as the penis is erect, but after pre-ejaculate has made an appearance (meaning sperm might leak to the outdoors from the condom, where it might travel in to the vagina during intercourse). Another typical use might be putting the condom on without departing a bubble of air in the tip to gather semen, and getting the condom break during sexual intercourse.

Using expired condoms or trying to reuse options are different ways the condoms is going to be much less effective (it not exclusively ineffective).

If used typically, male condoms possess a failure rate as high as 13 %, notes the Guttmacher Institute.

Unexpected Things Happen: Nobody’s Perfect With regards to Contraception Behaviors

“The most significant factor to know is that we’re all normal [people] with regular lives,” meaning things happens and individuals get some things wrong, states Nerys Benfield, MD, affiliate professor within the department of obstetrics and gynecology and women’s health (family planning) at Albert Einstein College of drugs within the Bronx, New You are able to.

You will find practical elements involved with remaining on the contraception method, which Dr. Benfield calls “points of access.” Some tips only have some point of access, as an intrauterine device (IUD), that you simply insert only once and just remove when you wish to conceive or need to replace it all after some time. Other methods, for example oral contraceptives or even the patch, may need visiting the pharmacy monthly to refill.

Low Maintenance versus. High Maintenance Contraception

In a nutshell, while using pill and other alike methods takes sustained effort. “The pill is definitely an everyday affair, and when you forget your pack when you are out for any night around town and have an active day and end up forgetting it, or if you want to reach a pharmacy on the weekend, then access becomes a problem,” states Benfield. “It’s similar having a patch – whether it peels off, you have to be capable of getting an additional patch to put it back. The mixture of individuals things is the reason why actual use not the same as perfect use.”

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