The Lichen Planus and Oral Cancer Connection

Lichen planus is really a ailment that can happen onto the skin or within the mouth. While doctors have no idea the reason for lichen planus, they’ve known that it’s a noninfectious disease, meaning you cannot catch it or spread it. Additionally they realize that it lasts a lengthy some time and tends to return.

Lichen planus is classed being an autoimmune disease. Autoimmune illnesses occur once the body’s immune system, comprised of white-colored bloodstream cells that always protect against infections, attack normal areas of the body.

Lichen planus of your skin usually causes red, itchy bumps, and because the bumps heal they might leave liver spots behind. Allergic-type reactions with a bloodstream pressure, heart, and joint disease medications may cause lichen planus. In these instances, once the medical treatment is stopped, lichen planus disappears.

Understanding Dental Lichen Planus

Dental lichen planus can happen anywhere within the mouth, but is generally seen within the cheekbones and seems as thin white-colored lines, patches, or dots. It’s most typical between 30 and 60. Although it seems within one or two percent of people, women get dental lichen planus two times as frequently as men.

Lichen Planus and Mouth Cancer

Dental lichen planus that seems as white-colored spots or wrinkles is most likely not associated with mouth cancer, however in about 40 % of cases a far more serious type develops. This “erosive” lichen planus causes painful sores and ulcers within the mouth. It is possible that about 1 % to five percent of those cases risk turning into dental cancer.

“We generally see lichen planus within the cheekbones of ladies, which is and not the population or even the area where we have seen dental cancer,” states William M. Lydiatt, MD, director of mind and neck surgical oncology at College of Nebraska Clinic. “It might be the erosive form coupled with longstanding chronic irritation may become dental cancer, however the evidence may not be strong.”

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