Why Sugar Is Poison for Depression

I’ve got a theory: Lots of people who are suffering from chronic severe anxiety and depression are allergic to sugar and foods like white-colored flour that the body processes like sugar.

Like the majority of of my theories, I’ve tested that one on my small 13-year-old boy, because his mental abilities are probab mine within our family (poor guy). After he’s consumed three pumpkin muffins, his character completely changes, such as the Eco-friendly Goblin (Norman Osborn) in Spider-Man.

With respect to the quantity of fructose corn syrup within the muffins, his mind sometimes spins around like Linda Blair’s within the Exorcist, and the pupils can perform a 360 within the eye sockets. He’s horribly obnoxious for around three hrs – twerking in the refrigerator, riding his lacrosse stick just like a horse with the family room – after which he starts sobbing: “I hate my existence!! Someone please shoot me!” Frequently the following morning he’ll awaken hungover, with crimson circles under his inflamed eyes.

What you know already that two somewhat intelligent parents might have selected on this link between his behavior and the diet within the first decade of his existence, however it only has experienced the this past year we’ve been documenting the experiment. It’s harder than you believe to obtain your kid looking forward to vegetables and steer him from any type of food offered inside a vending machine. Once we attempt to encourage positive eating routine, something appears to visit terribly wrong. Such as the time we thought we’d possess a fun gathering with family members at Potbelly.

Personally i think badly in my little guy because I understand how delicate he’s. Three pumpkin muffins would also provide me thinking, “I hate my existence please shoot me.” I simply don’t express it aloud. I blog about this. Seeing his reactions to Oreo cookies and frappuccinos, however, confirms my theory on sugar, that some homo sapiens can’t handle caffeine formula C12H22O11.

Besides causing insulin and bloodstream sugar imbalances, refined carbohydrates and sugars consume the Vitamin b we have to sustain good moods. Inside a study printed in British Journal of Psychiatry, 3,500 middle-aged participants received eating too much whole-foods (lots of vegetables, fruit, and fish) or eating too much junk foods (packed with desserts, fried food, and delicate grains). 5 years later, the processed-foods group were built with a 58 percent elevated risk for depression, as the whole-foods group were built with a 26 % reduced chance of depression. The best foods appear so that you can safeguard an individual, to some degree, from creating a mood disorder.

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